Architecture is a long time and being able to restore its density in terms of writing, research, discussions or meetings is important to us. Some projects will be presented in this "journal" in order to better understand their contexts, questions and issues.

ateliers o-s architectes

    Founded in 2007 after an experiment in Rotterdam (OMA, West8), the office is organized around the three partners Vincent Baur, Guillaume Colboc and Gaël Le Nouëne. Attached to mastering the entire production chain, from image to drawing, from plan to manufacture, enrolled in a neo-artisanal approach to the conscious and responsible project, the workshops develop operations of public interest, housing social to cultural equipment. Justness of scale, social and spatial interaction, politeness, courtesy characterize their production. Proponents of an evolutionary architecture and not fixed, the architects probe and unveil the potential of uses and activity that are specific to the places. This approach produces buildings that hold treasures of potential and unexpected spaces, while being part of an ostentatious distinction that is akin to alchemy.

    39, rue de la Grange-aux-Belles 75010 Paris
    13, rue Dupleix 44100 Nantes
    +33 (0)1 48 06 89 62

    /o-s/, nom masculin invariable 
    (Architecture) Architecture and town planning firm, located in Paris since 2007.
    2 (Chemestry)  Symbol of chemical element osmium.
    (Anatomy) From latin os. The hard dense tissue that forms the skeleton of vertebrates, providing structural support for the body and serving as an attachment for muscles.
    4 (Computing) Applied to computer software that is available in source code form for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that permits users to study, change, and improve the software.
    5 (Computing) Acronym of Operating System. Software on a computer that manages the way different programs use its hardware, and regulates the ways that a user controls the computer.
    6 (Familiar) (French) Problem, obstacle or unexpected situation.
    7 (Slang) (Familier) (Familiar) Suffix generating adverb, for distorting purpose. speed – speedos. 
    (Building) (French) Acronym of Ouvrier Spécialisé (semi-skilled worker). Someone who does a specific work that doesn’t need professional qualifications
    9 (Agreement) (French) An Ordre de Service (OS) is a certificate that notify a decision to the holder of the contract, according to the conditions specified in the contract
    10 (Military) Third grade sailor.

    Team 2021
    Vincent Baur, Gaël Le Nouëne, Guillaume Colboc, Agathe Mesure-Madelain, Axelle Haentzler, Priscille Joly, Clothilde Bonneau, Emmy Gourgues, Fanny-Gaëlle Primard, Giuliano Lemma, Jade Maridort, Romane Lebidan, Sarah Zelmelko, Sébastien Bonnerot, Thomas Rouillon, Yvanie Wilhelm, Zoé Dalloni.

    Selected publications
    Lever de Rideau, A theatre in Cachan, Park books, 2019
    Nouvelle richesse, Pavillon français de la 15e biennale de Venise, éd. Fourre-tout, 2016
    Comme un boomerang, le gac press, 2015
    10 ans FAV, catalogue, 2015
    Logements sociaux. Architectures et design 2015, «39 logements sociaux Chalons-sur-Saône», éd. Links, 2015
    Collective Housing, «39 logements sociaux Chalons-sur-Saône», éd. SANDU, 2015
    Annuel 2011 Optimiste, éd. French Touch, 2011
    Dehors Paris. Un guide d’architecture à voir / à imaginer, catalogue, éd. Pyramyd, 2010

    Selected exhibitions
    2017 Latitude 21 «Construire le long du Tramway», Dijon, Lati
    2017 L’ombre de l’angle, architecture et photographie au CAUE 92
    2016 «Nouvelle richesse», Pavillon français de la 15e biennale de Venise 2016
    2014 «SPORTS portrait d’une métropole», Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
    2012 10 après, 10 ans déjà!, ENSAPB, Paris
    2009 Habiter, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
    2008 Expo-concours A&CP: construction bâtiment passif
    2008 Exposition Composite, CAUE 92 Sceaux, juin-septembre
    2008 Festival des Architectures Vives, Montpellier
    2007 Dehors Paris, Maison de l’architecture, Paris

    Main Distinctions
    2019 Architecture and Sustainable Construction Award CAUE 95 category public equipments
    2018 Audience Award CAUE Bourgogne-Franche-Comté section living together Habiter ensemble
    2017 «Honorable Mention» international competition for the construction of the concert hallKaunas(Lithuania)
    2014 Award Europe 40 under 40, awarding emerging young architects and designers.
    2011 Nominated équerre d’argent LE MONITEUR «première œuvre»