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"Sometimes you have to keep ideas for decades before they have any use in architecture"


January 2019  Our theater project in Cachan in the selection of the 100 buildings of the year 2018 AMC /Le Moniteur!


December 2018  Publication of the Jacques Carat Theater in the EXE Magazine # 34 – December 34 / January / February 2018-2019


November 2018  Our housing project in Dijon has just received the Audience Award “Views on Architecture and Development in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté 2018” category Living together!


October 2018  The opening of the family center and nursery project in Pontoise is approaching ! 


September 2018  The Jacques Carrat theater in Cachan is featured in Architecture d’Aujourd’hui review of September 


May 2018  Facing Lake Leman, start of the Lugrin school construction 


May 2018  End of the structural work for Saint-Denis housing 


April 2018  Last run for the construction of the Pontoise nursery and family center


March 2018   New publication designed with Jad Hussein : O-S from A to Z that traces a 10-year course of activity.


Feb 2018    The project of Dijon is presented from February 8 to March 26, 2018 in the city of architecture and patrimoine as part of the 3rd “Palmarès grand public archicontemporaine”.


Jan 2018  in the AMC annual 2017 just published (n ° 265 – december 2017-january 2018) our Nantes project, selected among the 100 projects of the year and published in the collective housing category.


December 2017  The building permit of the Bezons high school project is granted


October 2017 Four new projects delivered this year online!


October 2017  Photo report of Camille Gharbi of our new office!


September 2017 Ateliers O-S architectes received an honorable mention at the international competition for the construction of the concert hall Kaunas (Lithuania) organized Malcom Reading Consultants!


July 2017 Portrait of  O-S  by Maryse Quinton in the July / August issue of the journal D’A!



Mai 2017  Ateliers O-S architectes have moved 39 rue de la Grange aux Belles 75010 Paris.



April 2017  The Dijon housing is one of the 24 projects nominated for the ” Palmarès Grand Public Archicontemporaine”.



April 2017  On the 6th of April. Vincent Baur participates in the public conversation: Photography of architecture, art or tool? With Luc Boegly, photographer, Frédérique Mocquet, architect, doctoral in architecture. Discussion led by Olivier Namias, journalist, architectural critic, editor in chef of the journal Architectures CREE. As part of the exhibition L’ombre de l’angle Architecture and photography at CAUE 92 The pictures of the Pres du Roy cultural center (Saint Germain les Arpajon) by Cyrille Weiner will be on display



January 2017 Solicitor study delivery, Paris 8th.



December 2016  A few months before delivery of Cachan Theatre…



October 2016  It grows ! Housing Nantes – lowtech green facade.


September 2016   O-S architectes is invited with R architecture to work on a 185 housings project competition in Vilmorin -Massy (91)


July 2016  Ateliers O-S architectes won the competition for the High School Bezons


June 2016  The Dijon housing project is presented in the catalogue  «Nouvelles richesses» : Collectif AJAP 14 & OBRAS  Biennale di Venezia 2016 – edition Fourre-tout



OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc - mai2016 DIJ biennal -

May 2016 Housing Dijon are at the 15th Venice

Biennale Internationale of 27 may to 27 Novembre 2016  in the French Pavilion curated collective AJAP 14 and OBRAS!


OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc - av2016STGlivre - new

Apr 2016 Booklaunch  april 17
In all good bookstore : “Like a boomerang”  
Book on the draft of the cultural Center of Saint Germain-les-Arpajon
Photographies Cyrille Weiner
Texte Sophie Trelcat
Introduction  Rudy Ricciotti,
A book  LeGac Press 


OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc - mars2016REN - news

Mar 2016 Ateliers O-S architectes won the competition for the carpark an bus station Cesson – Viasilva, Rennes 


OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc - fev2016HVR - news

 Feb 2016 Ranked first by the jury , our project sociocultural multifunctional equipment Danton didn’t win  


OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc - jan2016STG - news copie

Jan 2016 Vidéo of the cultural center of Saint Germain is online 


Dec 2015 Between lake and mountain O-S win the competition for the Lugrin school 


Nov 2015 Visite and opening of the Dijon housing with Mr le Maire


Oct 2015 The project of the museum Renault is online


Sept 2015  The Nantes housings project under construction


August 2015  Our project FAV2008 published in the catalog of the Festival des Architectures Vives de Montpellier -10 years !


Juillet 2015 O-S architectes is invited to work on the car park and bus station Cesson – Viasilva competition


June 2015  The Saint Germain-Les-Arpajon cultural center from the air


May2015 The Saint Germain-Les-Arpajon cultural center is publish on EXE #20 may-june-jully 2015


April 2015 The constuction of the Theater of Cachan progresses….


March 2015  Delivery approachs for the Project of Dijon housings !!!


OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-AMC fev 2015 STG-news

Feb 2015  Presentation of the Saint Germain Les Arpajon Cultural Center in AMC #239 fev- 2015 p. 32

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-pôle culture-saint germain les arpajon-news03

Jan 2015  Delivery Cultural Center in Saint Germain-lès-Arpajon

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-Coulommiers-phase2-news

Dec 2014 Delivery of the phase 2 extension restructuring Cormier High School Coulommiers

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-Coulommiers-Dammarieleslys-news

Nov 2014 Ateliers O-S architectes won the competition for the new cluster of school life Joliot Curie High School in Dammarie les Lys

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc40under40-news

Oct 2014 Ateliers O-S architectes has been selected as one of the “Europe 40 under 40” 2014, awarding the most important and emerging young architects

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-pôle culture-saint germain les arpajon-news

Sept 2014 Delivery approachs for the Project of the Cultural Center in Saint Germain-lès-Arpajon !!

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-Website-news

August 2014 Opening of the new website

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-pôle culture-sport-news

July 2014 The gymnasium project Assia El Hannouni is shown at the exhibition “SPORTS – portrait d’une métropole, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris” curator NP2F, Thierry Mandoul.

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-chantier-Cachan-news

June 2014  The project of Cachan Theater is now under construction.

OS-architectes-V.Baur-G.Le Nouene-G. Colboc-concours-Helsinki-news

May 2014 Site visit for the Guggenheim Helsinki competition.


Founded in 2002, Ateliers O-S Architectes is a practice structured around three associate partners: Vincent Baur, Guillaume Colboc and Gaël Le Nouëne. They are currently working on projects across a range of scales, from temporary installations to urban, cultural projects.


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